Friday, 1 September 2017


Today, we live in modern era. You all might be aware regarding current education system of our country. Even you might be knowing education system of foreign countries too. But when we peep into past, education was completely different. Kings were sending their sons and daughters to study at ashrams and gurukuls of various saints for about fifteen years. They were given knowledge regarding holy books, attack and defence with weapons, principles of life and cooking etc; In short there was overall development of student. We can check ourselves that are we developed completely?? Don’t you think we’re incomplete when considering all the aspects of life?? So we must adapt something from past into our existing Education System. Even the proverb says so...
“Old is Gold”

My dream education system is applicable to both schools and colleges in their own different perspective. Starting from soil, education campus (for schools and colleges) would be located at a suitable place. So site selection plays an important role. It would be located ten kilometres away from suburbs of city so that it would be free from all pollutions of city. Thus students will be having green and clean environment. It would assist in learning of student. But facilities like transportation, emergency services and hostel would be available. Today I think many factors highlighted above are being compromised in current schools and colleges, as they are situated in heart of the city; where they might suffer from noise, smog etc. So don’t you think change is necessary?

Currently, average numbers of schools are having teachers who are not even having bachelor’s degree; but are teaching in the primary section of schools. They all are playing with future of bright students. Today education level of many school teachers is being compromised while recruiting them. They do so just to show number of teachers in a school to Government; officers recruit them paying least attention on their abilities. So don’t you think our future is at risk? But my dream education system would be having skilled and experienced faculties. Research has stated that students learn more in their childhood than any other age. So for inducting school teachers’ master degree would be the eligibility criteria. Even though teachers meet the eligibility criteria they need to pass through screening test and interview where they will be judged on basis of their knowledge and express ability. For college faculties doctorate as well as minimum two years of field work would be the eligibility criteria. This is done so that concepts of students are clear only at school level which leads to flawless college study. They would be given enough salary at school and college so that they don’t take any tuition classes. After all teachers add value in student. Even following proverb proves above argument
“Teachers are idol for students”

Friends many of you might be bullied, harassed or scolded without any proper reason. But after all we suffered as they were authoritarian. But in this education system no teachers will be permanent in the school/college. They will be fired if their performance is not satisfactory. Even the principal will not be permanent .It would strictly based on Hire and Fire system. Education system will enrol school students without any donations. College students will be enrolled based on merit only. There will not be any provision for reserved seats and management quota. Of course there would be provision for students with mental and physical disabilities. Don’t you think education should be given only to those who are qualified enough to get it? Don’t you agree that admission shouldn’t be given on Management quota basis? Because if it’s given then financially backward students would be barred from getting into reputed college. 

There will be only ten percent of total schools imparting subjects in local language of any state. Rest of schools in the city would be English medium. Currently many students face difficulty in communicating in English. So keeping this problem in mind, above step is taken; so that students will be fluent while dealing with this International language. Other courses including colleges’ curriculum will be compulsory in English. There will not be any compulsion for purchasing books and uniform only from schools. Books will be available from library for college students. For the upliftment of campus facilities funds from NGO’S, Philanthropist and government will be accepted. Don’t you think all this facilities must be availed in our Education Society??

As we know prayers provide energy to our soul. But I’m definitely sure that 98% of colleges’ of our country never make student perform prayers in the campus. Initially college students would laugh by reading this that how can a collegian perform prayer? But are they not students? Don’t they get positive energy from prayers? So, Students of school and college will perform prayers in early session. If we are living and studying in the same country, then we shouldn’t we be given same syllabus for same field students irrespective of state or location?? Hence Syllabus for all schools/ colleges of same courses throughout the country will be same so that every student gets same subject knowledge. Only local language subject will be changing as per the location in schools. School fees will be same throughout the country. Even college fees will be same for same courses. Free education will be given to poor rather than any community and scholarships will be awarded to rankers for their encouragement.

The content which student learns during schools and colleges is very important. So the syllabus for school and college would be decided by a bench of members consisting scientist, industrialist, senior and experienced experts of different fields. Syllabus would be designed starting from history, basics, advances and then to applications. So that students get acquainted with proper subject knowledge. School syllabus would also include subjects adapted from various holy books. Don’t you think our textbooks missed holy chapters from various religious books? Thus in this gamut students would be learning ethics, moral principles and values of life. Even following proverb satisfies above argument:
“School is the second home to students”
So shouldn’t we as a student, demand positive change seeking above points into the ambit of our Education?? 

Today most of the student whether they are in school or college would be going for tuition classes. But we must ask ourselves: Why we need to go for Extra Classes? Why I’m paying extra? Am I not paying enough attention in school or college? Or I’m not getting enough inputs from them? So in order to solve above drawbacks my dream education system would be having Monday to Saturday working days in both school and colleges. There will not be any tuition classes. Higher, higher secondary and college students will be in campus for total eight hours. Out of these five hours will be for teaching sessions, last two hours will be for practise/exam oriented session and one hour for refreshment/lunch. Working hours for Saturday will be five hours only. Field Subject would be taken from Monday to Friday, while on Saturday they will be having lectures on holy books, aptitude, sports/ yoga sessions, cooking and query sessions. Every lecture will be compulsory from Monday to Saturday for school students. There will be compulsory eighty percent attendances for school students while sixty percent for college students as they are quite mature. Also there will be meeting of parents, teachers and students at the end of every month. Students interested for attending extra coaching classes for entrance examinations on Saturday are welcomed. So by all these, concepts of student will be clear. So they will have bright future. Even aphorism goes in above context:
“Stronger foundation would lead to stronger structure”
Don’t you think we missed such a glorious concept in our college or school??

Currently exam systems are very haphazard and improper. In any exam for students in education system there will be fifty percent theory questions while rest questions will be objective type and M.C.Q. (Multiple Choice Questions). Don’t get happy by reading M.C.Q. Some students use to answer randomly in this type of exams. So to curb that, answer for M.C.Q. should be given along with the reason for choosing that option. Marks for M.C.Q. will be given based on nearness of reason to actual one. So there will not be any negative marking but giving correct reason for choosing that option is mandatory. There will be total 100 marks exam out of which university (Indian) exam will be 60 marks, 20 marks school/ Institute exam and 20 marks will be based on performance in practical, viva, attendance(Monday- Saturday), and assignments. Passing marks for any exam in either school/ college would be 45%. There will be percentage system for results, rather than grading system which uplifts weak student. In many colleges and schools there are percentile and grading system but they don’t give your real performance. So calculating percentage is the best method. University exam will be same for all schools and colleges offering same course. There will be surprise visit of Director of Education Officer (DEO) any time for checking institute and students, as institute holds forty percent power share in results. Don’t you think there should be such visits from DEO to keep our system up-to-date??

I know many students do not know where they made mistake in the exams? What should be the IDEAL way to answer questions? Keeping this lacuna in mind every student will be shown assessed answer sheet of all subjects in front of concerned faculties, if students are interested in order to improve their mistakes in further exams. But students will not be allowed to make comparison among them. Each answer sheets will be examined by two faculties. If any tampering/error are found to be done in answer sheet by faculty for two times, they will be suspended. Don’t you think there should be such level of transparency in our Education System?

There will be semester based system in only colleges. When we keep board exams in only tenth and twelfth what does it means? Only two classes are important? Hence there will be no board in tenth and twelfth as every standard is equally important for schools. Percentage scored by students in higher and higher secondary education (average percent) system will be taken into consideration for taking admission in colleges. Also entrance exam is equally important for admissions. So, seventy percentage of above average percent and thirty percent of marks scored in entrance exam will give merit rank for every admission process in schools and colleges. Entrance exam will consist aptitude, subject reasoning and psychological questions. According to my observation students are not given enough guidance in selecting their career field. Do you think you were given? Thereby, school students will be given coaching seminars so that they became aware regarding future field (Science/Commerce/Arts) and select a field in which they are interested. ATKT (Allowed To Keep Term) system will be there for college students. Student will be detained for one year if they get more than three backlogs. Because getting such backlogs shows they are insincere. Then that student will join next batch after detention is over. During the detention period students need to undergo compulsory Industrial training/ Internship etc. There will also be student exchange programme, so that students get acquainted with foreign culture. Don’t you think we need above things for our bright future?

Every higher secondary school and college student will be given project at the end of semester or year. No doubt today many schools or colleges give project, but the projects are least Intellectual or Innovative. So, project will be based on making working model, field applicable, research type and useful to creatures on this Earth. There will be also vivas and presentation so that a communication skill of students increases. Every final year student of college needs to do Internship after that they will be eligible for campus placements. Do you think we lacked overall development of yourself?? Then, by above all this there will be overall development of students as they had passed through hard and tough education system. Even below saying proves above argument:

Even Diamond doesn’t glitter until and unless it is polished

Friday, 11 August 2017


Friends, exactly at this time before one year I landed in US. Its unable to believe that 1 year passed. But, yes someone has said: "TIME PASSES AWAY VERY FAST". Overall the experience was good.

Before writing I would like to Thank few people who came in my life in USA: Utsav Malankiya, Prerak Patel, Dhrumil Trivedi, Shradha ben, Azhar Rehmani, Harsh Lad, Dhwanit Saheria, Utsav Shah, Parth Patel, Vraj Modi, Rohan Amin, Hardik Pandya and Many more.

Definitely I'm missing my home country and its people, especially my family and friends. But I learnt lot of things and still learning, because LEARNING IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS!

Firstly, I get into contact with Utsav Malankiya before coming here and was very supportive and answered my every questions. Because of him, I came and started living with him and Prerak. Then after some days new friends came to our house: Harsh, Dhwanit, Azhar and Vraj. We all had a classic time together and enjoyed very well.

But after some days, they found an apartment near on campus and then they all went. Then I, Prerak and Utsav were there. Harsh shifted to other state because of his transfer. Then after some months Utsav Malankiya also shited to on campus apartment.

But I'm heartily thankful to Prerak for supporting us in every point of life ranging from ride help to financial help. Also because of him I came in to contact with Yogi Divine Society (YDS). It was good for me, that I started becoming more HUMAN then I was ever before.

Also lot of things I've added to my Dictionary is Cooking, Adjusting yourself w.r.t. others, American Culture (some things) and many more. What I find is that, here life is busy and not as social as it was in my home country. But still I'm enjoying my life as I'm making it more fruitful and cheerful.

Still many more to come and more to learn in coming days!!

Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Friends, I would like to narrate you one real life story. In this story there are two main characters. They are President and the Sales Manager of a reputed company.

Now the sales manager does his best and sell his company's product. But unfortunately the President is not happy with his performance. Boss is not happy as he is unable to achieve his target of sales.

Now let's look at the real picture of this company. The sales manger though despite of his tons of effort, he is not able to sell some products in his region. What's the reason?? Any guesses?? Now the real reason:As the company's product was not able to deliver required output which was being delivered by competitor's product under same condition.

But as usual at the month end, the boss asks about the reason for not meeting the target. The manager tells that some products fails to deliver result. So the sales is lagging a bit behind the target. He also tells technical team is responsible for not giving the product which passes the customers test.

Look how the boss responds. You are the sales head of your region. So it's your sole responsibility to sell the product in your region. Though it's because of technical team you are not able to sell this product. You need to give attention and need to improve the product by taking help of technical team.

If sales Manager (S.M.) would focus on lab and technical team, when would he be selling his product? When would he visit the rest of the customers? Then what would be the role of technical manager?What would be the role of General Manager? What would be the role of President?

Moral: The company should choose the president appropriately. Because if he's not suitable for that post, he may destroy the bright future of company's employee and even the name of the company too!!

(Even my brother would not purchase product from me if that product is not running appropriately.)

Conclusion: Select the right company (For employees)
                    Select appropriate Boss (For CEO's ) 

Thanks. Bye :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


You might be thinking that despite being a boy; how can I write about girl?? Why I have selected only girl? Yes of course there is a reason behind it and is that they're struggling more comparatively then boys.

Starting from the base, they are facing difficulties right from the word GO. Even in 21st Century many infants are killed purposely just because they are female.

Dowry is being demanded and given during marriage. Means are the families of girl having lower hand ? Is it logical to give money during marriage just because they are females? Not at all.

Once upon a time I was travelling in bus and was gazing through the window of that bus. It was hot summer night and people were travelling on road. At that my attention was drawn towards many girls and women because their face was covered with cloth even during the night. I wonder how they take breath? But probably they are doing so in order to hide their face from stalkers and eve teasers. Why don't some males look that female as their sister, mother or daughter? When they start looking them as their family member; things would change abruptly. Hope this day would be tomorrow!!

So girls are suffering almost at every stage of life compared to that of men. Even when they go for search of jobs, they need to be cautious. We all want to work in safe place. Don't you?? Then why not create a SAFE PLACE FOR WOMEN TOO??

Girls are insecure wherever they go in every phase of life. SELF-DEFENSE IS THE BEST DEFENSE. They must be strong mentally and physically to overcome all those odd activities. There are almost two gender on the earth. So shouldn't there be equality between them? Yes, it should be.

So, yes to #GenderEquality

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Friends, Importance of Important means What are values of important things..

We must value the resources we have and utilize as much as possible. Every resources are like tree yielding fruits. We must use that resources in time otherwise it will get spoilt. Resources I'm talking about are Money, food, education, land, water, time, and other..

My point is if you are Billionaire then you must spend that money for good cause. If you are having 5 lacs extra then give to needy people. They will give you blessings and none of us are going to take money in heaven!!

Every person has 24 hours a day to do his activities. But some utilize it and other waste it. We must spend our time very cautiously because that time is not going to come again in our life.

Likewise we must not waste the food we are being provided. Because that food can fill the stomach of poor ones who are hungry from many days. If we're having extra food why not give to needy ones instead of throwing it in dustbin.

If we're having extra piece of land and we are not going to use it, why not allow needy to build house or use that land for earning their bread ? We must have helping nature. If we have something extra today give it to others. Who knows we may be need in Future? And that person can help us in our bad times.

So share something and get something!!

Monday, 22 February 2016


Friends, today I'm going to share with you life of soldier. It's not an autobiography. But it's a real incident which was narrated to me by a BSF (Border Security Force) soldier when we were both travelling in the same coach of the train. The following is the excerpts from the same:


He told me it's a very difficult job. But it's his service to Bharat Maa which persist him in continuing his work. He then elaborated that he needs to be at border for about 12 hours a day. Although it's difficult to do for 12 hours they also need to carry their rifle or machine gun which is very heavy along with their uniform. So it again makes it very difficult.

Keep all these hardship on other side. Let me tell you other things which will make them even more respectable. They are alone and separated by metres so they can't talk with their colleagues and friends as they may be very far from you. Also they need to keep watch in certain areas of border. So just scanning with above all difficulties; away from their home makes their service very assiduous.

No doubt they do their 12 hour service in two shifts separated by gap of hours, in which they need to take their Lunch/dinner and sleep also in that particular time. Also shift changes very frequently, so nothing may be fixed.

He also mentioned me one difficulty which they faces is that on the border wind blows with very high speed so again they need to wear special spectacles. They also even need to be awake because it's necessary. Of course when we be at one place for 6 hours continuously with no one surrounding us and doing the job of just watching in one particular area, we will feel sleepy. But they can't even wink because it may be the reason for infiltration.

Not only BSF but every soldier whether it's police, army or any other person they are doing very tough service for our safety, for our INDIA.

Last but not least,we must not forgot that some soldiers get martyred for the nation. It's a great sacrifice. After all, their family member have lost their loved ones. Thus we must respect every soldiers for what they are and for their service to mother INDIA.


Monday, 15 February 2016

Placement Scenario

Friends today’s topic is on Placement. We all are acquainted 
with this word. If not, then placement is the process through which students are placed in any company for doing job. If you have completed your bachelor’s then definitely you might have passed through this process. I had also passed through this phase. The following is the experience of mine.

There was one importance instance at which I had completed all the stages of the placement (Written Test-> Group Discussion->Interview). So I and my friend were awaiting results from the company which was seeking Mechanical Engineers. But I had horrible incident. After giving final Interview I waited for result for about 15 days. Then I contacted HR department of that company for getting the results of placement drive. Unfortunately that company was not replying. Suddenly one of my junior friend went for intern ship into the same company. So I contacted him to enquire about this issue. I was told by him they have recruited engineers from another college. No doubt they may recruit. In fact they had carried this recruitment drive in various colleges. But recruitment of all engineers from same college is little bit confusing. Do you think that they didn't find any single skilled eligible engineer from another college? Isn't it a big question? What made them to recruit number of employees from same college out of various colleges which they carried recruitment drive in it?? Did they receive any favor from that college? Till now it’s mystery for me.

I had also seen examples where companies come for placement drive in a college, conduct interviews after giving their presentation (Introducing their company) but then never give joining dates. So are they coming just for marketing their company product?? Or there is equation between HR department of college and company which is incomprehensible??

You all might have heard about this “To get job, you need recommender”. Means if you don’t have any relation in the company which you intend to go, there are less chances of your acceptance?? Does it mean that relation comes first than the eligibility? I don’t think so.

Some employees are also lured and cheated in the name of jobs and placements. This is the worst case which prevails in the market.

We all might have seen/heard that “x” student from “y” reputed institute got this much of package. Why is it so that less companies visit 3rd tier colleges? Does it mean that their students are less competent than others? Well, absolutely no! I have seen bright students even from the less 
acknowledged colleges.So should they be kept alienated from such placement drives? Not at all!! I definitely think they will get lucrative offers in future if they persist in their set direction.

No doubt there are very few companies which indulge in the
above mentioned gimmicks. But it affects a lot of students. 
But I think every student will get the necessary platform 
either today or tomorrow to showcase their TALENT if they 
WAY. Good Luck!!